Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Watching Paint Dry

When a person says “that’s like watching paint dry” – they mean some activity is very boring.  After an incredibly hectic month of having to be somewhere early every day, I am relishing the opportunity to be bored. And yes I am watching paint dry.

The finished basement of our condo is being repaired and painted. After three years of living in this house, we finally decided to turn our downstairs from a giant storage room into usable space. Somebody has to be home during the process, and since Charles is traveling—tag I’m it!!! 

This whole summer has been anything but relaxing and I have spent my time rushing from one activity to another and juggling a lot of balls. The good news is that I have been able to keep up the pace, and at my age                                                        and stage that is something to celebrate.

In approximately six weeks, our church will move into its new building. Since selling our former church to a student housing developer, our congregation has been meeting in an abandoned school. Everything has been packed away and stored except the basic necessities. And a lot of the church programs have been on hold.  I was asked to head the Organization Team with the responsibility of reactivating the church programs and ordering classroom furniture that we will need in the new building. So I feel like I am helping renovate the church while I watch my basement paint dry. When we began the basement renovation about six months ago, we had no idea that the effort would coincide with the church project. So there has been a lot of prayer for physical and mental strength to get it all done.
This past weekend, I attended a local Christian writers’ conference. It was a very welcome change of pace, and a reminder that everything in life has a purpose. I have put my book writing efforts on hold for now, but I am sure that at some point the events of this summer will become fodder for new stories.Writing this blog post reminded me of an account in the Bible when Jesus and his disciples were overwhelmed by the crowds that were pressing them for attention. And He said to them, "Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while. For there were many people coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat.” (Mark 6:31)

Sometimes being secluded and watching “paint dry” is the best therapy there is.



  1. Life is so busy I welcome the opportunity to occasionally be bored. I'm glad you've gotten to slow down a little even if it takes watching paint dry to make you do it. We should heed what Jesus says in Mark.

  2. Best wishes on accomplishing your varied projects, Frieda! With your creative mind, you'll never be bored or boring!!

  3. Hey girl. Miss you. Glad to see you are still writing. I enjoy your blog a lot. Hope you are getting some rest. It will be good for you.