Tuesday, September 30, 2014

An Endangered Species

While we were California, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that makes illegal the words “husband & wife” in referring to marriage partners.  Those words will be replaced with the gender neutral word “spouse” in order to accommodate those who enter into an alternative lifestyle or “same-sex marriage.” Maybe it’s just me, but “I now pronounce you spouse and spouse,” doesn't have the same ring to it.  Will the terms “male & female “or “man & woman” be the next words to be deleted and termed politically incorrect? Why should thousands of years of terminology be thrown away to accommodate less than 2% of the population?  Let them come up with new words to describe the two partners in their relationships and leave the rest of us to be a husband or wife if we so choose. You say that’s just California, but whatever originates there soon makes its way over the rest of the country. There are times that I feel like I am living on an alternative planet and am an endangered species.

One thing I always enjoy doing whenever I visit a new city is to check out the types of places of worship.  As we rode on the upper level of a tour bus in San Francisco I saw many mosques and temples, but very few churches in that area. A large banner on one prominent structure announced its name as HerChurch.org. That aroused my curiosity and I had to learn more. This group brands itself as “A Liturgy of the Feminine.” According to their beliefs, the traditional maleness of God and Jesus as revealed in the Bible, is outdated and insulting to women. Instead of worshiping the God of the Universe, Her Church members worship the goddess that lies within the individual. I copied the following mission statement from their website. The misspelling is theirs.

“The liturgy, community and ministry of the congregation reflects diverse thealogical works and voices hoping to be a part of the prophetic voice of the divine feminine that will deconstruct Christianity and other patriarchal religions so that both a new paradigm and worldview may emerge that truly creates egalitarian just society and eco-sensitivities that tend to mending the web of life. “

The goddess movement celebrates and worships the pantheon of female deities found in all world religions, including Wiccan deities, the pagan Old Testament goddess, Asherah, and the Egyptian goddess, Isis.This “church” claims to be claims to bean offshoot of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  I can imagine Martin Luther is rolling over in his grave. 

It is not my job to sit in judgment of those who choose a different lifestyle or belief system. It is my challenge to love those with whom I disagree, speak the truth in love, and pray for the work of God’s Spirit in each of our lives. It is easier for me to live in my own comfortable world than to venture out of my comfort zone and see the world as it really is. Open eyes will help me pray more effectively and be a better witness to those around me. 


  1. You had me all agitated with the two subjects introduced, then you reminded me of the way I should be responding! Good job of pointing out the value of opening our eyes to thinking that differs from our own. Thanks, Frieda.

  2. Very well said!!! It's so sad to see how lost people are in this world but God is The Truth they desperately need.