Saturday, August 18, 2018

Time for a Change

Multi-tasker Extraordinaire 

Professional boxer and entrepreneur, George Foreman challenges people to think differently about retirement:   “I don't even think about a retirement program because I'm working for the Lord, for the Almighty. And even thought the Lord's pay isn't very high, his retirement program is, you might say, out of this world.” (Brainy Quotes)

On April 13, 2001 I began working alongside Charles in our company Consulting Aviation Services. My duties required me to learn new computer and accounting skills as well as relearn administrative skills that had grown rusty.  Others in our peer group were planning their retirement as Charles and I were planning to kick-start new careers. The path that we chose has had its share of challenges and rewards, but the future potential is positive.  I am thankful that my health was restored by a liver transplant in 1998, and I have been able to make a contribution to the company. 

A sign over my office desk reads:

Do you want to talk to the man in charge, or to the woman who knows what’s going on?

That describes our working relationship. With me in charge of the administrative side of the company, Charles has been able to concentrate on the engineering and technical side. It worked well for us through the years as we supported our joint venture.

After almost eighteen years of part-time work, my last day as a paid employee will be August 31, 2018. Most of my duties have been assumed by our capable Accountant/Administrator, Erin Moss.  Our investors carry out most of the day by day operations of the company, so Charles role is changing as well. 

In the last year, deferred projects have been piling up in my home office.  There is still much to do on Charles’ book—a memoir called Chasing a Whirlwind.  I have put off the less than desirable tasks of sorting closets and dealing with personal photos and paperwork.  A commitment to chair a committee at church and involvement with my writing groups will get me out of the house and involved with others.  More time for exercise and personal spiritual growth is also on my agenda.

In September we will celebrate our successful flight test and my retirement with a long-planned trip to France and a Viking River Cruise to the beaches of Normandy. With the 75th anniversary of the Normandy invasion scheduled for June 2019, we wanted to beat the crowds and see where history was made.

The next time I blog, I will update you on our much anticipated trip.