About Me

Frieda DixonI’ve lived a life of second chances. I left upstate New York in the 60’s to begin a new life in Georgia. Ten years of widowhood after losing my first husband taught me to depend on the gift of God's grace. I struggled with liver disease and thought my life was over, but God had other plans. A second marriage to a young-at-heart man who supported me through a successful liver transplant, gave me a second chance at life. Now my role is wife, mother, grandmother, and office manager for our aerospace company. I love to be with people, but cherish quiet times to reflect. My transplant made me realize the brevity of life and a determination to make the most of the years God is giving me. My lifelong desire to write inspirational articles and books is closer to reality. I participate in two writers’ groups where I receive motivation and support. My husband, Charles, and I are recharging our retirement years – he as an inventor and engineering consultant and me as a writer. In addition to our work, we love to travel, dance, and go on mission trips. I hope this blog will inspire you to “bloom where you are planted.”