Monday, February 13, 2023

Final Blog Post


Over Christmas 2022, I made the decision to stop posting new content on my blog.

218 posts were written over a ten-year period.  I started in May 2012 anticipating the publication of my memoir, Born Three Times. Everybody said I needed a platform to promote my book.

My goal was two posts each month and I succeeded for the first six years.  Then I dropped down to one each month. When the Covid Pandemic hit, my readership began to fall off.  Not sure why.

It’s been a roller coaster ride trying to generate new ideas each month. The best ideas came while I showered. Then I did some research and formulated a blog post.

Several other projects that I have put off way too long are calling for attention in 2023.

·                 Organize a massive mess of unruly pictures—phone and printed photos.

·                 Downsize contents of closets and house.

·                Shred paperwork and organize important papers.

·                Support Charles in promoting his book.

·                Cook better to control my carb and sugar content.

·               Devote more time preparing good Bible lessons for our Life Group

Thank you for reading my posts all these years, commenting, and sharing.  You have been so encouraging and I am thankful for every one of you. God Bless!


  1. I can imagine that blogging does take up a good deal of your time. Getting other important task completed is very important. We move slower, accomplish less in a day & some days crappy slows one down even more. Okay to need to leave one thing behind for other fun or needed activities.

  2. Frieda, thank you for your faithfulness to God, writing, and us writers. You and your writing has blessed me immensely. And what an example of following His lead. Blessings, dear friend. Debbie Crawford

  3. Frieda, just reading this today. Saddens me that you will no longer be posting on your blogspot, but surely do understand. God has used you through these years and apparently He has other plans for you now. Will check in from time to time to read older posts I missed, as they were inspiring to me and helped me feel the connection we had long ago. God bless you and Charles as you enter a new phase. Love you, Ranae