Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action

My recent appearance on Atlanta TV Channel 57 to talk about my book, Born Three Times, was a unique experience.  The interstate traffic pileups on the way to the TV station did little to calm my anxiety level.  Fortunately, we left early so I had time to go over my previous interviews to prepare myself for the questions I would be asked.
The other guests on the two hour program arrived and were introduced.  One of the guests was an actor who played Officer Randy Goode on the TV series “In the Heat of the Night” with Carroll O’Connor. He was there to sing and talk about his latest project.

We all gathered around a conference table with our program hosts to go over the schedule for the Atlanta Live broadcast. I asked how long my interview was going to last. The host replied that my time on the air was going to be 15 minutes and it would not be an interview. Instead, I was expected to just tell my story and talk about my book for the whole time. My brain went into overdrive and my mouth felt like cotton. Where would I start and what would I talk about for that long? 
We were ushered into the TV studio—a very cavernous black box with lots of cameras, sound equipment, bright lights, and the set. I nervously waited while the musicians played, and another guest talked about her book and story. I watched the clock tick toward 8:00 PM. The producer came to escort me to the set and pinned the “Mike” on my jacket collar. I wasn’t prepared for the very bright lights that focused on me. I prayed I wouldn’t appear as nervous as I felt when I opened my mouth and let the words flow. It was surprising that the time flew so quickly and I was still going strong when the host said, we only had four minutes left. The host made some final comments and it was over. My legs felt like Jell-O as I headed back to where Charles was waiting, convinced I had made a very poor showing. 

The segment was replayed the next morning on the same TV Channel and I got to watch my performance. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. It isn’t often that we get an opportunity to completely step out of our comfort zone and do something unique. Stay open to the possibilities God might put in your path to tell your story. Keep smiling-you never know who might be watching and listening.
So far I have been unsuccessful in uploading the video of my interview to my blog. When I figure it out, I will post it for your critique.



  1. I wasn't able to watch the TV segment, but am pretty sure that your composure and presentation were spot on. You deserve every opportunity.

  2. You did wonderful!! We will figure out how to get the video online!

  3. You were wonderful. You were quite composed and told your story very well. I'm only sorry you didn't have more time. Looking forward to seeing you online.

  4. Surely you are joking with us regarding your nervousness. There was no
    hint of it in your presentation. Like writing, you also appear to be a natural in front of the cameras.

  5. I am sorry that I missed this. I am sure you did a wonderful job, I would have fainted. I hope you do get to put it online, I would love to see it.

  6. Thank you dear Frieda, for stepping out by faith... out of your comfort zone and finding that our dear Lord Jesus was there with you all the time. After all, He took you to that place promising Never, ever to leave you alone.

  7. What a trooper. Not surprised you did so well. I too am trying to bloom. Your middle sis.