Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Dawg Daze of Summer

The dawg daze of summer are barking at my door. The Old Farmer’s Almanac lists the traditional period of the Dog Days as the 40 days beginning July 3rd and ending August 11, which coincides with the rising of the constellation, Sirius the Dog, in the summer sky. These are the days when the hot weather takes a toll on my energy and lethargy sets in.  My usually productive persona wants to put the brain in neutral and my body says its time to take a vacation.
While scrolling online through several news sites, I discovered that dogs are not lazy and lethargic during the hot summer months after all. Our canine friends are much busier and productive than I am. 

One story from MSN written by Matt Cantor (Newser Staff) tells about a dog that found a baby in a plastic bag in a trash dump in Thailand. The dog, named Pui, carried the plastic bag in its mouth to its owner and barked until the owner came to find the infant girl. The baby is recovering in the hospital and the amazing dog earned a medal, a new dog collar, and a monetary award.

It seems that dogs are posing as models and entering beauty contests as well. All sorts of canines are modeling Doggles - the latest doggy fashion for the summer. This protective eyewear for dogs is a crossover between swim goggles and a pair of Foster Grants and will keep their peepers safe during all sorts of summer activities. Maybe Doggles were worn at the annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest held in California on June 25th. The ugliest winner took home prize money and received celebrity treatment on national TV early morning shows. 
A friend of mine has trained his dog to be a therapy dog through an organization called  Happy Tails. Joe and his dog, Onyx, visit nursing homes and hospitals to bring cheer to the elderly and children who are recuperating from serious illnesses.

I am put to shame by the activities of my furry friends.  Today I will put on my sunglasses, send a card to a friend in a nursing home, call someone on my prayer list, and look for other meaningful ways to help someone in need. Even though the dog days are here, I will not use them as an excuse to sit around and do nothing.  Maybe you can teach this old dog new tricks after all. 




  1. Oh how that story makes me miss my little Oprah. She left right after the dog days last August, the 13th. She would have rescued the baby too, or at least barked till someone came to help, but I don't think she would have tolerated the goggles. Such a nice article Frieda. You are so gifted as a writer.

  2. Enjoyed these interesting observations about dogs - especially happy to see the mention of Joe and Onyx. In light of the first sentence in the last paragraph, how about writing a blog extolling the virtues of your furry feline friends?

  3. Animals don't talk and say nasty things to hurt people. We all including myself need to follow their example.

  4. Seeing Eye Dogs are always special too. This "older dog" wishes she had the energy of a puppy. I loved the creativity and research efforts in this Blog. Keep up the good work. Love from Middle Sis