Friday, October 25, 2013

Autumn Leaves

Summer is my favorite time of year—sunny days and the freedom from heavy clothes and boots.  Even though I live in the South, I complain and gripe every year about the arrival of Fall and Winter.  When others get excited about dropping temperatures and say they love the weather, I frown and declare that I want my summer back. I blame my poor attitude on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) that comes with fewer daylight hours and inclement weather that keeps me housebound. I blame it on autumn memories of loss—hospital vigils and cemeteries. I blame it on cold hands and feet from the dropping temperatures and dry eyes and skin from the furnace heat.  My head tells me the natural cycle of spring, summer, fall, winter are necessary for the earth to function as intended, but my body wants bright sunshine and heat.
Almost seventy Falls and Winters have come and gone in my life, and Lord willing, I hope to enjoy more in the years to come.  Just as the seasons of nature change, so do the seasons of life. It occurs to me that I am in the Fall of my life and I am reminded of the Bible verse from Ecclesiastes 3:1: “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.”  

It’s way past time for me to discard my gloomy face that shows up around September 21 and embrace the six months until Spring. In many ways these are the best days of my life and I need to look for the positives, instead of the negatives, in the seasons of nature and the seasons of my life. So here goes:

Season of Fall:  Colorful leaves, a cozy fireplace, an electric blanket, hot cider or tea with a piece of sweet potato pie. The end of Daylight Savings Time —less daylight in the evening, but more in the morning— gives me an extra hour of sleep and the motivation to get an earlier start to my day. I also love the emphasis on a bountiful harvest and Thanksgiving.
Season of Life:  More time for writing, more opportunities to share my journey, fewer financial responsibilities, more time for prayer and contemplation, time to enjoy the grandchildren, cooking less, date nights with Charles, and the good health to enjoy these many blessings and opportunities. This Fall will be a time for reflection and rejoicing over every season of life.

The song I think about every October is Autumn Leaves, originally a French tune made popular in America when Johnny Mercer wrote the Lyrics in 1947. This year I am rejoicing in the words from that song: “The falling leaves drift by my window, the autumn leaves of red and gold.”



  1. Like you , I always dreaded fall because it meant winter was coming. I dreaded cold, house bound days and the inevitable head cold and sore throat that arrived just in time to ruin Christmas. As I have grown older, I have come to love the season. The relief from the heat and drought of summer as well as the beautiful color of the season. God has truly planned a perfect world with seasons appropriate for our needs. Spring and Fall have become my favorite. I also love the song, Autumn Leaves. The passage from Ecclesiastes is a reminder that God is in complete control and has a purpose for our lives beyond my understanding.

  2. I love the fall, it is my favorite season of all. The bright colors, the crisp air, the smells of the season and the anticipation of holidays that are snapping at our heels. Once the leaves all fall and the trees seem so bare we begin our inward search. A time to get closer to our loved ones, get into our roots and plan our lives for the next year as we hole up for the cold winter months. The months that make you yearn for the first signs of spring. I too am in the fall season of life. A time to look back and see what I need to change or work on for a better me for the next season. I go through the winter hoping the spring will greet me with new sprigs of life. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons. You can have those hot summer months and the cold winter ones too, but as you said Frieda, we need all four seasons for our Earth to function properly. I smell cinnamon, is that an apple pie someone is baking?

  3. Hello all you folks in beautiful autumn colors... we are in the deep SOUTH of Brazil where the temperatures are climbing. It is good to be back down here with very sweet Grandma Cora who appreciates knowing she doesn't need to live out the Autumn of S. Dakota where cattle die of too much cold, but God has her here to keep warm all summer long. Nearing 100, she deserves to stay warm and enjoy the beauty God has made on this end, too. However, we are learning that whatever state we are in, there to be content:-) Love you, Frieda! Loved that warm apple pie you served us!!!

  4. Beautiful analogy! I'm right there with you about loving summer weather! I, too, see autumn as a time that my garden is finished, my pretty flowers die and most trees lose their leaves. I love the sunshine and heat of summer compared to the gray cold days of winter. But I will be thinking of warmer days as I sip hot apple cider by the fireplace. Once again I enjoyed your lovely written words! !