Saturday, July 11, 2015

Look and Feel Younger

Let’s face it, we are all growing older. We may kick and scream, but we can’t stop the process, and I am not ready quite yet for the alternative. Online articles abound with advice on how to age gracefully. Recent ones include: Remove your Eye Bags Instantly, This Trick Erases Teeth Stains, 68 Year Old Grandma Outsmarts Botox, and The Secrets to Aging Gracefully. I usually read them because I just might learn something. The one bit of advice that appears in all articles has to do with exercise. I also get unsolicited urging from my late bloomer mate who exercises in some form or fashion almost every day. He is on a three mile hike in hot weather as I write this.

Until two years ago, I participated in deep water aquatics at the YMCA. I decided to give up swimming because I was getting too many colds and infections. Then my excuse became something like this quote from an unknown author.
 "I tried exercise but found I was allergic to it - my skin flushed, my heart raced,
I got sweaty, short of breath. Very, very dangerous."

Then I read Fifteen Ways Exercise Helps You Look and Feel Younger. Who doesn’t want to relieve stress, reduce belly fat, have better sleep, and be more flexible? After checking out the options for an exercise program in my area, I finally decided to join two fitness classes at our local senior center. It was time to get out of my comfy chair and take to heart a doctor’s admonition to his patient, 

“I’m afraid pulling the handle on your recliner doesn’t count as exercise.” 

I was surprised to discover that I could get a pretty strenuous workout by using a straight chair for support while I use weights and a resistance band to stretch my legs, arms, and torso. My second class is a gentle Yoga class that helps with balance and relaxation. I can do this without injuring myself and get myself in better shape in the process.

God placed me in this body to accomplish His purposes while I am still here. I can’t do that if I am too sluggish to move and am unmotivated and lazy. I want to be able to say like the apostle Paul did in 2 Timothy 4:7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”


  1. I think exercise is great, may not stop the aches and pains which seem to get worse each year. I love stretching and it is supposed to stop the pains, but I would say it minimizes them. As for looking more youthful, all of the above, and I recommend Facercize by Carole Maggio. Also Callanetics, a form of deep stretches that are supposed to tone as well. Now I will limp on down the hall to my next project. LOL

  2. This is a lot of good sense, Frieda... thank you. I love the water aerobics class here in town and it keeps me strong enough to handle my care-giving job which is a blessing to me! Carleen with love.

  3. I will keep a record of this confession. The next time I am urging her to exercise I will have it in writing. No kidding aside! I am proud of my wife for her efforts.