Sunday, September 13, 2015

Old People's Music

The sounds of Frank Sinatra
I like the music sounds of previous decades—50’s, 60’s 70’s along with some more recent music too. The songs that used to croon about June, moon, and spoon and were accompanied by instruments were my favorites. When I finally figured out how to RIP my music to my computer, transfer the sings to my Kindle Fire HDX, and play them on my Bose Bluetooth speaker, I felt like I had arrived. I could listen to all my old favorites anyplace, anytime, anyhow.

Shirley and me ready for the
 Josh Groban concert
My granddaughter was helping clean up the kitchen after a recent meal I had cooked for my son and his children. We were having a real bonding time over the kitchen sink. Afterward I suggested we  sit down to watch a bit of TV. When I turned it on, the Public Broadcasting Channel came up with one of their quarterly fundraising events featuring a well-known singer of the past. Just as I was relaxing, my granddaughter jumped up and announced, “Grammy, that’s old people’s music,” and she flounced out of the room.

Oh my, I guess she was right. It didn’t impress her one bit that I know how to play my favorites on all the latest gadgets. And she probably wouldn’t be impressed if I told her about the wonderful time Charles and I had attending the Barry Manilow concert on our anniversary. Somehow she just couldn’t imagine her grandparents swinging and swaying to his music. Do I dare mention to her that a friend and I recently attended a Josh Groban concert and listened to his beautiful baritone voice sing Broadway hits from yesteryear?  

Charles and I recently watched another PBS program featuring Johnny Mathis along with the announcement of his upcoming concert in Atlanta in January. I looked at Charles and laughed, “More old people’s music.” He said,” If can still sing like that at his age, we need to get tickets.” Now to complete my concert bucket list for the year, I need to hear Michael Buble` sing all the oldies but goodies in the swing style of today. It just proves that what goes around comes around. 

When I’m alone and have some unpleasant household task to perform, I turn on my Kindle and speaker full blast and am transported to another place and time. Old People’s Music helps me feel young again.


  1. There is nothing like listening to the 'first' music,,,back when it was actually music. I have satellite music, Serius XM, and I have the buttons almost glued to the 50s,60s, 70s. It doesn't get much better than that. Yes, you do feel younger, more energetic, and believe it or not, calmer. But it was the 'music our parents warned us about'. Imagine that. I also listen to the music of the great composers, without which music could not have progressed as they wrote the 'rules' for writing and composing. Well enough of my musings. Yes, it is 'old folks music' but in a 'few short years' your grandchildren will hear the same phrase from their grandchildren.


  2. I know how you feel. Yes, we may like old peoples music, but we are still young at heart.