Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Blog Along with Me

Today I write blog post #98 and celebrate the fourth anniversary of Too/Two Late Bloomers, which I started in May 2012. During these four years, 20,000 people in over 20 countries have clicked on my blog. I think that is something to celebrate. Last week I taught a class on blogging for beginners at my Christian Authors Guild writers’ group and was amazed that my experience encourages others to take a leap into the blogosphere. 

People benefit from blogging—especially senior adults— according to Carla K Johnson of the Associated Press who wrote an article entitled “Senior Citizen Bloggers Defy Stereotypes” in 2005. Putting your thoughts on paper and online is good therapy.

Blogging helps all age groups because people are writing about topics of interest to them. Blogging keeps our mental juices flowing and connects us with people of like interest. When people blog, they are not in front of the TV and are being creative. While reading and writing blogs, folks grow and learn each day.

You have gotten to know me and my late bloomer husband through my blog and now I’d like to know you better.

What would you blog about if you had the chance?

Here’s your opportunity. I am soliciting input for my blog from you and throwing out a challenge. Submit a paragraph or poem to me on any subject you like, and after editing I will publish it on my blog during the month of June. You can identify yourself or submit it anonymously. Here are some topics to choose from along with others that interest you.
  • Rites of passage – graduations, weddings, new jobs, retirement
  • Summer holidays – the flag, military service, parades, picnics
  • Seasons of Life – empty nest syndrome, senior adulthood, children/grandchildren
  • Spiritual Experiences – answered prayers, helping a neighbor, feeling God’s presence

Type your submission in the body of an email with the subject line reading: blog submission and send it to me at:  friedas@bellsouth.net

I can’t wait to see how many of you will accept the challenge.

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  1. I'll think about it, Frieda. Up until now, I have been writing ministry and family updates for the last 52 years... it is therapy for me... something I learned from my parents. Love to read you writings and I am constantly learning! Carleen