Thursday, February 7, 2019

My Diamond Jubilee

According to Wikipedia, “A 75th birthday or anniversary is commonly known as a Diamond Jubilee.

“How did I reach three-quarters of a century old?” If I had been born in any other period of time, I would not have lived to celebrate this time of my life.  It’s been a long and at times difficult journey to get this far.  Health issues plagued me most of my life culminating in a successful liver transplant in 1998. The medical technology of the 20th century and the generous gift of a donor organ saved my life. Three have been health problems since then, but nothing of that magnitude. You can read about my second chance at life in my memoir, Born Three Times: A New Life, A New Liver, A New Love.

Since this is my diamond jubilee, I decided to research those precious stones. Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth.  They are formed within the earth’s mantle and brought to the surface by deep source volcanic eruptions.  The impact of asteroids and meteorites on the planet can also produce diamonds. Much of the world’s diamond mining comes from Africa. South Africa and Angola are sources of diamonds, but they are also mined in Canada, Russia, and Australia. The only diamond mine in the US is found near Murfreesboro, Arkansas. Diamond mining can be very labor intensive and environmentally harmful, leaving massive scars on the earth’s surface.

“As you can imagine, the journey a rough diamond undergoes from its violent formation process to being mounted on an exquisite setting is long indeed and passes through many different channels.”  (Beyond 4Cs-The real insights to mining diamonds) "The round diamond is the undisputed king of brilliant cuts. With 57 carefully placed facets, every round diamond that is polished from a rough crystal has the potential to becoming a jewelry masterpiece.” Carat, cut, and clarity determine the price of each precious gem.

A Jubilee was significant in Old Testament times.  During Jubilee years, it was mandated that lands be given a year’s rest so that the earth could rejuvenate.  Healthier and better crops would grow in future plantings.  Also during a Jubilee year, the slaves and indentured servants were set free from their bondage and given a second chance at life. 

I see many parallels to my life’s journey. Like the diamond, I have been cut and polished and been given the opportunity to enjoy an abundant life here and eternal life after death.  After all, it is said that “Diamonds are forever.”  And like the Israelite slaves, I’ve been given a second chance at life.  

At our wedding Charles and I played the song, “Grow Old Along with Me, the Best is Yet to Be.” 
  That has proven to be true in both of our lives.


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  1. Beautiful analogy! Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee, Frieda!