Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Betwixt and Between



September is betwixt and between the hot days of summer and the cooler days of fall.  Change is definitely a hallmark of the month.  It’s been painful to recover from the botched Afghanistan exit and then remember the almost 3,000 people who died twenty years ago on September 11. We wished for the times when as Americans we were more united in purpose and politics wasn’t as poisonous as it is today.

The weather changed after Labor Day just like it did when I was a girl.  In upstate New York, going back to school the day after Labor Day meant fall and winter clothes.  It would always warm up for another week or so, but you knew that the short summer was over. Here is Georgia, the 90s of August are history and the much cooler nights and mid-80 days call for a lightweight sweater. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer as we head toward the first day of fall on September 22.

Charles and I are heading to the North Georgia mountains.  Both of us need to recover from sickness as well as the aches and pains of growing old.  Relaxation beside a lake will do both of us good and prepare us to come home to a busy fall.  It’s also time to stock up on the blueberry jam, apple pies, and breads at Panorama Apple Barn. We are headed back into birthday season for several family members, and the holidays will soon be here.

On Thursday, we returned from Hiawassee, GA where we enjoyed the 80-degree weather on beautiful Lake Chatuge.  We reserved a boat at the Ridges marina on Tuesday and were surprised to receive a major upgrade.  The crew gave us a beautiful twelve-person luxury boat to take out on the lake. Since it was past the busy season, there were few other renters. We floated and relaxed for two hours surrounded by mountain vistas and water as smooth as glass. A tinge of orange and red was visible in the trees and we could only anticipate the lake surrounded by color in another six weeks. 

Fall used to make me sad with remembrances of losses and difficult challenges. Instead, I have decided to embrace joy this year and be thankful for whatever comes my way.  I will do my best to place every day in God’s hands knowing that He is in charge and control of my life.




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