Thursday, April 21, 2022

Seasons of Life


Everyone talks about the weather. It’s spring and we are all ready for warmer temperatures. Somehow nature hasn’t gotten the message. During the past week, we enjoyed all four seasons in metro Atlanta—Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

We turned on the gas logs for several nights last week to chase away winter’s chill and almost freezing temperatures. By mid-week, we experienced the 80’s with more good days on the way.  Then it’s back to early fall and a late spring chill during the next weekend. Four seasons in one week gave me whiplash.

My spring-cleaning chore for the week was to clean out my closet. Darker winter clothes needed to be sorted, packed up, and moved to a different location. Brighter, cheerful colors needed to make an entrance. Then the dreaded task of trying on things to see if they still fit. It was a lesson in humility to put the ill-fitting stuff in the donation box to make room in the closet for a couple of new items in a larger size.

I finally settled on what to wear for a speaking engagement, my granddaughter’s graduation, and my grandson’s wedding. My plan was to be several pounds smaller by now, but my daily exercise has been put aside for more pressing activities. So tomorrow it’s back to lifts and crunches to whip myself back into shape.

 During my morning trip to the grocery store, I saw flowering trees and bushes that tell me that spring has arrived. All the goodies I bought for Easter will be eaten and enjoyed by others. I will stick to my low carb, low sugar diet.

That will not take away the promise of new life Jesus gives to those who put their faith and trust in Him. The promise of Easter is “WE WIN.” Jesus was resurrected and defeated death and the devil.

As much as I enjoy looking into my clean closet and choosing an outfit for the day, I need to investigate my heart and mind and determine to live for Jesus and put on the Christian virtues that I need to wear. Joy, peace, patience, and love are necessary to really embrace the spring.


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  1. This is such good reminder. So well written. I so agree we need to put on the Christian Virtues.