Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sister Act

Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of
our personal stories to the inevitable dusk.” – Susan Scarf Merrell

As the years go by and life gets busy, we don’t spend enough time with family members who live away. It takes extra effort to plan opportunities to get together especially since we’re all getting older and challenged by our abilities to drive long distances. Charles and I had been saying for some time we needed to see both our sisters this spring. 

Marion & Richard Simmons
Charles sister, Marion and her husband Richard Simmons, live in Baton Rouge, LA which is a long ten hour drive from where we live. So we asked them to meet us in the picturesque city of Fairhope, AL for the weekend. The beautiful weather enabled us to tour the shops and visit the Mobile Bay area of town. We enjoyed tea at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear and a delicious feast at the rustic Wash House Restaurant. The building is so old; you can’t imagine a fine restaurant being housed inside. But the inside atmosphere and food were very delightful. We spent a lot of time catching up on kids and grand kids and talking about the old days when Charles and Marion were young—more interesting stories for Charles’ book. 

We drove scenic 98E from Fairhope toward Pensacola, FL. Several signs along the way kept us entertained and gave me some new ideas for future writing efforts. I’m glad we’d already eaten lunch when we saw the Roadkill Café or we might have been tempted to check it out.  Next we passed the Blue Angel Baptist Church that gives dual recognition to the Christian’s eternal destination and the US Navy’s flying aerobatic squadron. 

Our next destination was Gulf Breeze to visit with my sister and her family.

Audrey & George Kimmel
Audrey Kimmel is my older sister and like me a recipient of a liver transplant. Our personalities and interests are similar so we’ve enjoyed a lot in common throughout our lives. I was the pest when we were younger when she dated her soon-to-be husband George. Charles and I stayed on Pensacola Beach so we could take advantage of the beautiful weather and the ocean waves.  Audrey came with us to sit on beach chairs under a big umbrella—a very enjoyable and relaxing experience. We enjoyed visiting with their children and grandchildren, and having a delicious dinner with Audrey and George at Jackson’s in Pensacola on our final vacation night.

Sisters are those special people in our lives who have known us the longest, know all about us, and love us anyway. So glad we could make some new memories with them.

As we headed home on I-65 in Alabama near Evergreen, we drove over Murder Creek.  My story making wheels have been churning ever since.


  1. What a meaningful blog, Frieda. And this sentence is so true - "Sisters are those special people in our lives who have known us the longest, know all about us, and love us anyway." It is a wonderful reminder of the importance of continuing to stay connected to our siblings.

  2. Sisters are those special people in our lives who have known us the longest, know all about us, and love us anyway.
    <My precious sister Beth Ann, has come to my aid in these days with my Mother's Care... How special and what a God-send!

  3. I know you usually write true stories, so I hope that "Murder Creek" will be an exception.
    It is always fun to read your blog and I hope I am never hungry enough to check out the Roadkill Café.

  4. Really enjoyed picturing the places you described in and around Fairhope and Pensacola. We have spent many happy hours in those areas through the years with our extended families. I agree with your comments about sisters. They are treasures.

  5. I just saw this blog. Your older sister is slow. This made me cry. So glad you came to visit us at Gulf Breeze. What a wonderful morning at the Beach and all the time spent with you! Love from Middle Sis