Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Case for Christ

It’s the week before Easter which in many Christian traditions is considered the holiest week of the year.  Yet it’s hard to find Jesus’ resurrection in the middle of all the colored eggs, chocolate bunnies, and new clothes.  Yes, I admit I’ve been out shopping for some new springtime apparel to wear during these glorious and sunny 80 degree days.  I’m also trying to remember and celebrate the “reason for the season” and the greatest gift of God’s grace given to an undeserving mankind.

The Case for Christ made its debut in movie theaters last weekend. It is a very well made and dramatic portrayal of the life of well-known atheist, Lee Strobel, and his investigative journey to debunk the death of Jesus on the cross and the reality of the resurrection. His marriage and career was almost destroyed because of his obsession to prove that the whole Christian narrative was a delusion.  

I had previously read his book with the same title, but seeing the movie brought his journey into clearer focus.  The love and prayers of his wife played a vital role in him finding the truth in the midst of his determination to deny the existence of God and the evidence of Jesus’ empty tomb.  I highly recommend this movie to all my blog readers during this Easter season. 

Our country has a changing religious landscape where most Americans don’t believe the USA is a Christian nation.  This is a belief shared by both Catholics and Protestants alike.  Many feel that those who profess their Christian beliefs have been demonized and, at best, marginalized in recent years.

Those of us who have professed belief in Christ have a wonderful story to share with those around us.  That story can be shared through words, as well as deeds, and prayers offered on behalf of other people.  Lee Strobel found that he couldn’t prove or disprove the good news of Jesus intellectually, but when he realized he didn’t have all the answers, the love of God reached down and found him. 

I found the following quote in the magazine Facts & Trends, written by Alvin Reid and published by LifeWay.

“Don’t buy the negative rhetoric: Our society has not suddenly plunged into an abyss of secularism and atheism, leaving a culture of spiritually walking dead with no interest in the claims of Christ.  You and I live in a mission field.  Life is a mission trip—take it, and start today!”
Happy Easter


  1. Very well expressed. Happy Easter to you, Frieda Mildred

  2. Frieda, again you have shared an encouraging message. The movie tie-in is especially interesting to me as I, too, was moved by it. Thanks you!

  3. Love lifted me, too. Praise God for the assurance of our salvation... that Jesus paid it all! Thank you for your great blog. Carleen

  4. Love lifted me, too. Praise God for the assurance of our salvation... that Jesus paid it all! Thank you for your great blog. Carleen

  5. Thank you Frieda for you insight,from the Daily Bread. Lord, we give thanks for your knowledge of our circumstances and your care for us. Today we want to walk with you and honor you in all we do. Bless your name

  6. You've peaked my interest in seeing this movie!

  7. Happy Easter to you Frieda. You always have an uplifting message for us all.

  8. Thank you Frieda for the review. It looks a lot like God is Not Dead movie. I really liked the both parts of the movies.
    God bless