Friday, July 7, 2017

Deep in the Heart of Texas

“The stars at night
Are big and bright
Deep in the Heart of Texas”
Lyrics:  June Heshey
Music:  Don Swander

Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Clark
The lyrics to the popular song from the 1940’s definitely describe the sights and sounds of the countryside surrounding Austin, Texas. We spent four days there celebrating the marriage of our granddaughter, Marcella Davis, to her new husband, Brandon Clark. The small town of Dripping Springs, on the edge of the Texas Hill Country, is the official wedding capital of the state. Surrounded by Live Oak woodlands and rolling hills, the wedding venue was one of 35 located in the area.

Marcella & Brandon built a beautiful flower-covered cross for their ceremony. It was a breathtaking backdrop as they pledged their vows to God and to one another.  The couple graduated from Texas A&M in May, and will live and work in Dallas after their honeymoon. Where have the years gone?  How did we get to be this old? 

While waiting for all the festivities to begin, we toured the Texas state capitol building.  The huge, pink granite facility was very impressive and beautiful.  It was educational to tour the historical legislative chambers, the ornate rotunda, and to check out the portraits and statues of famous Texans.  Davey Crockett, Sam Houston, Audie Murphy, and Presidents George W. Bush and Lyndon Johnson were among the many on display.

The phrase,“You can’t get there from here,” must have originated in Texas.  Both San Antonio and Austin’s interstates are flanked by one way frontage roads. You can often see your destination, but it is a challenge to get there because you can drive only one way, find the road that crosses under the interstate, and then go one way on the other side. To get back to where you started, you have to make another big loop. If it sounds confusing, it is? Charles’ driving nerves and my navigating skills got a real work out.
Texas State Capitol 

Texas is a great state to visit and it was wonderful to spend time with family.  But the tall pines of Georgia, the sultry weather, and the music of the crickets and tree frogs made us glad to come back home again. 


  1. I always enjoy your posts and this one is especially nice.

  2. Audrey absolutely loves this post also. We had the pleasure of living in Texas for a few years.

  3. Quite helpful. We're planning a Spring trip that was. Hope to see the silos in Waco too and journey over to Big Bend National Park while we are there. Never been to Austin so your post was quite informative.